PMC-S4 The PMC-S4 Series Motion Controller performs coordinates control for up to 4 servo motor axes using quadrature encoder signals for position feedback.  The PMC-S4 interfaces directly to an IBM compatible PC using a single ISA (industry Standard Architecture) slot.  All motor related signals (Command, Encoder Power, and Amp Enable Out, Limits, Home and Amp Fault In) are accessed on the back of the PC through a 60 pin connector.  24 Lines of optically isolated digital I/O are also included, accessed through a 50 pin connector on the board.   Optical isolation is also provided between the PMC-S4 and externally connected amplifiers.  An optional software package includes a tuning program with capture and graphing capabilities, a user configurable runtime display program, and a library of C language functions.  Also available is a software package that turns the PMC-S4 into a 4 axis CNC controller.  Look to the PMC-S1 for a non-enclosed single-axis motion controller, or the XMC-S1 for an enclosed single-axis motion controller.


  • 32-bit position, Velocity, Acceleration and Jerk registers
  • S-Curve, trapezoidal, or Contured Velocity modes
  • 1.0 Million counts/sec quadrature incremental encoder inputs with Index Position capture
  • Programmable Loop Rates to 100 uSec
  • Optically Isolated limit, home, Amp Fault and Amp Enable
  • Standard PC Interface through ISA bus
  • Electronic gearing
  • 1/T counter for stable low velocity motion
  • 24 bits of Digital I/O, Opto 22 compatible
  • Choice of either PID or PI with velocity feedforward servo control loop
  • "On-the-Fly" control of profile and filter parameters with pre-load
  • Two travel Milit switch inputs per axis
  • Automatic Motor Shutdown on motion error


Standard Model: PMC-S4
   Power Requirements
   Optical Isolation Power
   Amp Enable Output
   Amp Fault Input
   General I/O (24 Lines)
   Command Output
+5VDC @ 750 mA, 5%

5 to 24VDC @ 100 mA max
0 to 5VDC @ 2mA max
   Servo Loop Time
   Position Range
   Position Encoder
   Encoder Frequency
100 usec
32-bit encoder count

1 encoder count
A/B Quadrature with C(Index)
1 mHz (max)
10 ounces (284 grams)

Ordering Information

Product Order Number
PMC-S4 4 Axis Controller WS-013-0001
ACC-S4A Tuning & Graphic SW/C Library WS-013-0007
ACC-S4B CNC Software WS-013-0008