The PMC-S1 is a single-axis, point to point servo positioner which, when combined with a power supply and servo amplifier, forms a complete motion control system. Communicating with a host via RS-232, the PMC-S1 has on board EEPROM which can store servo parameters and motion programs. The servo parameters are used to set up the system during power up. The PMC-S1 includes an optically isolated Amplifier Enable output, Amplifier Fault and Travel Limit inputs, two General Purpose Inputs, and five General Purpose Outputs.  Look to the PMC-S1 for an enclosed single-axis motion controller, or the PMC-S4 for a 4-axis motion controller.


Standard Model: PMC-S1
   Power Requirements
   Optical Isolation Power
   Amp Enable Output
   Amp Fault Input
   General Input (2 Lines)
   General Output (3 Lines)
   Command Output
   RS-232 Line Voltage
+5VDC @ 750 mA, 5%

5 to 24VDC @ 100 mA max
+5 to 24VDC @ 100 mA max
0 to 5VDC @ 2mA max
   Servo Loop Time
   Position Range
   Position Encoder
32-bit encoder count

1 encoder count
A/B Quadrature with C(Index)
10 ounces (284 grams)

Ordering Information

Product Order Number
PMC-S1 Single Axis Controller WS-013-0002
ACC-S1A Executables Diskette WS-013-0006

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