EDP-Sx The EDP-Sx is an enclosed power chassis for use with high voltage (140 to 500 Volts) edge mount style amplifiers. Basically an enclosed version of the PDP Series, EDP chassis have 3 open slots for amplifiers or accessory cards, and include an unregulated Bus Voltage supply, a regulated Bias Supply, and pre-wired connections for amplifier inputs and outputs. Available options include a Shunt Regulator card (30A peak, 10A RMS @ 320 Volts), and Inductor Assemblies for use with low-inductance motors. The Shunt Regulator option should be ordered if PWM amplifiers are used and the application requires rapid acceleration or deceleration. All components are housed within the footprint of the chassis. EDP Series chassis do not require a transformer, and can be connected directly to single phase or three phase AC power lines (three phase is recommended to help minimize current ripple).

All EDP Series chassis come with cooling fans. Connections for AC input and amplifier outputs are made through connectors on the end panel.


  • Pre-Wired Connections for Amplifier Inputs and Outputs
  • For Large, High-Power Amplifiers
  • Direct Connection to 120 or 240 VAC Input Power
  • Built-In 12VDC Bias Supply
  • "Soft Start" Circuitry for Bus Voltage
  • Simplifies Amplifier Installation and Connection
  • Can House Brush Type or Brushless Amplifiers
  • Custom Backplane Design Available
  • Advanced Design, High Quality and High Reliability at a Lower Cost


Standard Models: S3-32/30 S3-32/50
Max Number of Axes 3 3
Weight 9.54 Lb
(4.33 Kg)
9.54 Lb
(4.33 Kg)
Dimensions 14.80 x 10.00 x 6.85"

375 x 254 x 174mm

14.80 x 10.00 x 6.85"

375 x 254 x 174mm

Input Voltage 230 VAC max 230 VAC max
Bus Output Voltage 320 VDC max 320 VDC max
Bus Output Current* 30 A Continuous 30 A Continuous
Accessories (see chart below)] (see chart below)
Recommended Amplifiers BPW-S1 BPW-S1

*All ratings with forced air cooling to maintain 40C heat sink temperature. Failure to keep constant air flow to the heat sink will reduce the output current capacity and may result in damage to the unit.

Ordering Information

Product Order Number
EDP-S3-32/30 Chassis 320 VDC/30A WS-901-0006
EDP-S3-32/50 Chassis 320 VDC/50A WS-901-0007
ACC-C1B Shunt Regulator 30A Peak WS-011-0013
ACC-C2B Phase Inductor Assembly WS-011-0011

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