The CHU Series chassis are designed to accept Eurocard form factor amplifiers, motion controllers and accessories. These chassis are also sometimes referred to as "VME Racks". Rack mounted products generally have a much cleaner appearance and are easier to service than edge or panel mounted units. Modules can be replaced by simply removing four small mounting screws and sliding the unit out of the rack. CHU chassis are available in 3U or 6U sizes (1U = 1.75"). Dividers can be placed in the 6U size rack to provide both 3U and 6U mounting in a single cabinet.

All wiring and interconnections are done through backplanes on the rear side of the rack. Backplanes are available for all Western Servo Design Eurocard style products and Delta Tau PMAC VME Bus motion controllers. Custom system backplanes can also be designed.

CHU Series chassis can be used as stand alone units, or mounted in standard 19" equipment racks. A Fan module is included with three high-efficiency cooling fans (DC fans are used to cut down on radiated electrical noise). Available accessories include rack mount Motion Controllers, Power Supplies, Inductor Boards, and PMAC interface boards. Contact Western Servo for more information or help in designing a rack based system.


  • For all Eurocard Form Factor Amplifiers, Motion Controllers, Power Supplies and Accessories
  • Available in 3U, 6U or 3U / 6U Split Combination
  • Fits into Standard 19" Equipment Racks
  • Available Backplanes Simplify Wiring and Interconnections
  •  12VDC Fans for Efficient Cooling with Low EMI
  • Custom Backplane Design Available

Ordering Information

Product Order Number
CHU-S3 3U Eurocard Chassis WS-907-0002
CHU-S6 6U Eurocard Chassis WS-906-0001
CHU-S6-AS/BS Split Chassis*
*Contact factory for split options

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