Designed to interface directly with the Delta Tau PMAC2 Motion Controller, the BPU-P2 is a high power brushless PWM servo amplifier in a Eurocard 6U form factor. This unit utilizes state of the art advancements in servo control technology.

The BPU-P2 output power transistors are directly controlled by PWM signals from the PMAC2. The PMAC2 then receives motor phase current feedback from the amplifier digitally via the serial A/D converters. This allows the PMAC2 to close the current loop itself for exceptional servo performance and reduced system cost. An optional backplane accepts connections from the PMAC2 and allows quick and easy hookup of motor, power, control and other I/O signals. This greatly simplifies implementing the BPU-P2 in a motion control system.


  • Eurocard 6U Form Factor
  • Designed for PMAC2 Motion Controller
  • External Sinusoidal Commutation
  • 4 Digital Status Outputs plus Global Fault
  • Amp Enable Input
  • Protected from Over Current, Over Voltage, and Under Bias Condition
  • Two Phase Current Monitor Outputs
  • Front Panel Alphanumeric Display for Amplifier Status
  • PWM Frequency: Up to 20 kHz
  • Bus Voltage: 30 - 320 VDC
  • Continuous Current: 5, 12 or 22 Amperes
  • Full Isolation between Input and Output Circuits
  • Designed for Three-Phase Wye or Delta Wound Motors
  • Advanced Design, Superior Quality and High Reliability
  • One Year Parts and Labor Warranty


Standard Models: 32/15 32/30 32/50
Max Bus Voltage 320 VDC 320 VDC 320 VDC
Peak Output Current* 15 A for .5 Sec 30 A for .5 Sec 50 A for .5 Sec
Continuous Output* 5 A 12 A 22 A
Command Input Voltage: Digital PWM Digital PWM Digital PWM
PWM Command Voltage 5 V p - p 5 V p - p 5 V p - p
Switching Frequency Up to 20 KHz Up to 20 KHz Up to 20 KHz
Min Load Inductance 2 mH 2 mH 2 mH
Bandwidth 2 KHz 2 KHz 2 KHz
Weight 2.50 Lb (1.14 Kg)
Recommended Chassis CHU-S6 Eurocard
Available Accessories ACC-V1D Backplane, PSU-S1 Power Supply

*All ratings with forced air cooling to maintain 40C heat sink temperature. Failure to keep constant air flow to the heat sink will reduce the output current capacity and may result in damage to the unit.

Ordering Information

Product Order Number
BPU-P2-32/15 Amp 320 VDC/15A Peak WS-007-0016
BPU-P2-32/30 Amp 320 VDC/30A Peak WS-007-0017
BPU-P2-32/50 Amp 320 VDC/50A Peak WS-007-0018
ACC-V1D Backplane WS-011-0015

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