The ACC-3A is an interface board that is used to provide connections between a Delta Tau PMAC™ Motion Controller or PMC-S4 motion controller and up to four servo motor axes. The ACC-3A is normally mounted on the rear of a 3U or 6U Eurocard ("VME Style") rack chassis, although it can also be mounted in a variety of other fashions due to its compact size. The signals to and from the motion controller are divided up into groups for each axis and brought out to connectors on the board. Each of the four available axes has its own connectors for a Quadrature Style Encoder, Hall Effect sensors, an Amplifier, and a set of Limit and Home Switch inputs. The Amplifier Enable signal for each axis is also brought out to a connector to allow using the signal with external equipment. Jumpers allow configuring the motion controller to perform external sinusoidal commutation for brushless motors. In this mode, two outputs of the motion controller are required to drive each motor.


  • Mounts standalone or to rear of 3U or 6U Eurocard Chassis
  • Single 60-Pin Ribbon Cable connection to Motion Controller
  • Connections for each axis brought out to separate groups
  • Jumper Configurable to allow Hall Effect or External Sinusoidal Commutation
  • Greatly simplifies wiring for Mult-Axis Rack Mout Systems
  • Amplifier Enable Signals from Motion Controller brought out for use with external equipment
  • Built in connectors for hooking up analog power supplies
  • Built in noise reduction capacitors on encoder signal lines
  • Compact Size
  • Advanced Design, High Quality, and High Reliability at a Lower Cost

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ACC-V3A  Interface Board

This accessory is used with the Rack mount Format Amplifiers (PDU-, PAU-, LDU-, BPU- and BLU-series) from Western Servo Design.


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