WSDI Mission Statement:

"Western Servo Design is dedicated to providing our customers with servo amplifiers, motion controllers and support which meet and exceed their expectations for cost/performance, quality, reliability and delivery."

Western Servo Design (WSDI) is located in Carson City, Nevada. WSDI was founded in 1990 with the idea of utilizing innovative designs and advanced technology to build reliable low-cost servo products. WSDI now has a broad product line that includes PWM and linear drives for brush and brushless motors, a line of motions controllers for single or multiple axis and integrated chassis which provide a complete power supply/controller/drive package to accelerate and simplify the job of producing systems.

FacilitiesWSDI focuses on the use of the latest technology to provide the performance and power densities required by the world market. These designs provide high reliability at excellent cost with a wide variety of mounting options. WSDI maintains contacts with leading motor and controller manufacturers to make sure their products are compatible. WSDI also provides enhanced technical support for OEM’s to help derive system designs which reduce time to market and product cost.

The company’s products can be found in a wide range of industrial applications including: machine tool, medical, robotics, semiconductor processing, coordinate measuring, factory automation, food processing, labeling, lens grinding, pick and place, grinding, wire processing, textile, packaging and special assembly.